Mediation and Arbitration

Seasoned Mediation and Arbitration services for efficient conflict resolution

Litigation is expensive, time consuming, and uncertain. Alternative dispute resolution offers several substantial advantages over litigation.


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Mediation is a voluntary settlement process employing an unbiased neutral to assist the parties in reaching an agreeable resolution. The process is confidential and non-binding unless a binding settlement is reached. Generally, the parties do not meet face to face with one another but communicate through the mediator, making the process unconfrontational. Mediation can occur at any time during the litigation process and even before litigation has been instituted. In many commercial or construction contracts, mediation is a necessary prerequisite to filing suit. It has become such a recognized tool for amicably resolving disputes that many courts require mediation before trial.

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator

Mr. Robertson is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Mediator. Like his advocacy practice, he focuses on disputes involving contract and business disputes, “business divorce,” commercial matters, probate, and construction disputes. His knowledge, friendly manner, and creativity make him a natural fit for assisting parties find a mutually advantageous resolution to their disagreements.

Advantages of mediation include the following:

  • An opportunity to have input and exercise some control over the resolution of your dispute, rather than leaving the resolution to a jury or judge

  • Dedicated time and place for the parties to engage for the sole purpose of attempting to resolving their dispute

  • The opportunity to save the costs and expenses of protracted litigation

  • The opportunity to secure a quicker resolution than afforded by litigation

  • Assistance from a qualified and unbiased mediator that is willing to listen to and understand each side of the story and help the parties reach a common ground


arbitration services for fair and efficient dispute resolution

Arbitration is, simply speaking, a voluntary private dispute resolution process with a binding decision rendered by a qualified and neutral arbitrator. Arbitration has long been a standard contractual requirement of construction agreements, common carrier contracts, employment agreements, and commercial transactions.

Arbitration Services

As with mediation, Mr. Robertson offers services as an arbitrator of commercial, construction, “business divorce,” probate, and construction disputes.

Advantages of arbitration include the following:

  • Private proceedings and resolution, unlike public litigation, trial, and appeal

  • A dedicated and technically knowledgeable arbitrator to decide the dispute

  • A streamlined process that can substantially save time and minimize legal expense when compared to litigation

  • Less formal atmosphere and proceedings that may offer more flexibility to the parties and their counsel

Faith Based Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration for churches, religious organizations, and individuals

Litigation between Christians or between members of other faiths can be especially problematic. Whether arising from the admonition contained in 1 Corinthians 6:6 or the desire to avoid public resolution of private or interchurch disputes, many individuals and organizations are loath to take their disputes to court. Unfortunately, disagreements are sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, mediation and arbitration are uniquely suited to the resolution of disputes between religious individuals or organizations. Mr. Robertson is experienced in ecclesiastical law and is knowledgeable concerning church governance and the issues that often arise within a congregation or organization. As such, Mr. Robertson offers faith-based mediation that is focused on resolving matters in a manner that recognizes biblical and practical considerations that are important to many. Examples of disputes suited for Faith Based mediation or arbitration include civil disputes between members, disputes over church property, church schisms, and employment disputes concerning clergy or church officers.

Advantages of Faith Based Mediation include the following:

  • Private resolution outside of the Courts

  • Opportunity to consider the Scriptures or applicable church doctrine

  • Environment respectful of the considerations and concerns of church organizations and religious individuals

  • Opportunity to employ prayer