Debt Collection, Creditor’s Rights And Bankruptcy

As a business oriented attorney, Mr. Robertson regularly represents the needs of creditors and businesses needing help collecting accounts or judgments. We also regularly practice in the bankruptcy courts, solely representing the interests of creditors and businesses affected by the bankruptcies of customers or others.


We can help you or your business to collect accounts or debts from people or businesses in Tennessee. Often, such assistance can be provided on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fees may be based on and payable from the amount actually recovered rather than on an hourly or flat fee basis. Our services range from formal demand letters and the filing of lawsuits, to the pursuit of garnishments, levies, and other avenues to collect and enforce judgments.

Foreign Judgment Enforcement

If you have obtained a judgment from another state against a business or person residing or owning property in Tennessee, we can assist you in enforcing that judgment in Tennessee. Because each state can only enforce judgments within its own borders, formal legal proceedings are usually required to collect judgments from sources in other states. We regularly file proceedings to domesticate and then collect judgments rendered in other states.

Landlord Representation

As part of our collections practice, we also regularly represent both residential and commercial landlords in the Nashville and surrounding area. Whether you need assistance in navigating the Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act or in pursuing eviction or collections of rents, we may be able to assist you.


We also represent lenders and other secured parties in real property foreclosures in Tennessee.

Bankruptcy Law

When a customer, tenant, or other business partner files for bankruptcy, all efforts to collect amounts owed or to re-take collateral, consigned inventory, leased equipment, or leased real property are generally prohibited and can be carried out only through the bankruptcy courts in accordance with federal bankruptcy law. You need a lawyer focused on the needs of creditors. Let our office advise you of your rights and options.

We regularly assist businesses and individuals in pursuing their claims against bankrupt parties, and the return of collateral, leased equipment and real property. In addition, we regularly defend preference actions brought against creditors by the bankrupt party or the bankruptcy trustee.

Mr. Robertson has represented creditors in the bankruptcies of:

  • Enron
  • Farmland, Inc.
  • K-Mart
  • Service Merchandise
  • James River Coal
  • Commissary Operations, Inc
  • Railworks
  • JC Reed Co., Inc.

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