Apple files lawsuit against Epic Games

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Apple is responsible for the latest move in the legal battle with Epic Games. Apple filed a countersuit against the company responsible for Fortnite and is now asking for unspecified damages for breach of contract. Gamers in Tennessee might be paying close attention to the developments in the case.

The conflict between the two parties began in August when Epic released a Fortnite version that was made available on the Apple App Store. The dispute began when Epic included a payment method for players that reportedly denied Apple its normal 30% cut. Apple responded by removing Fortnite from its App Store, and Epic filed a lawsuit the day after the removal.

A spokesperson for Apple said the lawsuit by Epic is without basis. The spokesperson also said that the gaming company wants to take advantage of the value Apple provides without returning the proper compensation.

Two weeks after the conflict between the two companies began, Apple suspended the developer account maintained by Epic Games. The suspension means that the company can make no upgrades to Fortnite and is unable to publish new apps to the platform.

The countersuit by Apple asks the court to hold Epic Games responsible for several violations, including breaching the contract signed by the companies. Apple is asking for restitution to reimburse the company for the money Epic collected while Fortnite was available in the Apple App Store. Apple also wants the court to ban the external payment system that Epic made available to customers on its platform.

Apple says the move by Epic amounted to a sneak attack. An Apple spokesperson said the company received an email from Epic at 2 a.m. informing Apple that Epic would no longer adhere to Apple’s payment processing guidelines. Later that morning, Epic activated the payment option for customers that is the cause of the conflict.

Epic Games is accusing Apple of restricting free market access. Epic asked the court for an injunction that would allow Fortnite to return to the App Store until the court decides the case.

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