Why should you work with a registered agent?

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When you started your business you may have known about the requirement limited liability companies and corporations have of working with a registered agent.

You may not have known the reasons for this requirement – and how it ultimately benefits your business.

A registered agent is like a legal portal for your business. He or she is the conduit for critical legal and tax documents. Registered agents have responsibility for receiving documentation from the state relating to annual renewal of the company’s charter.

Another key function is receiving services of process – notices of impending lawsuits, summons, complaints, subpoenas of records, notices of wage garnishments and other state correspondence.

Registered agents provide reliability and sensitivity to legal matters, even though your company mailbox may be overflowing.

Who do you trust?

Companies get to choose who performs these tasks. The registered agent can be someone internal to the business or it can be an external party, such as an attorney. In our experience, it is better to work with an external party than to do this work yourself – especially if your company is small or in the startup phase.

The reason for this is that busy small companies sometimes struggle to attend to legal communications. If you are being subpoenaed, you want to know it is happening ASAP. You want to know right away that you are being sued – for construction disputes, breach of contract and other issues that directly impact your bottom line.

State government and the court system do not accept excuses for not receiving these communications. If you lose track of key notifications, the state has the authority to shut your business down. Likewise, if you ignore or lose an important legal notice – such as being informed of an impending lawsuit – the courts may make a default judgment against you. You lose before you even knew there was a problem.

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